Belief Sushi Ori


Finest ingredients,Masterful skills,Dignified atmosphere,

With Edomae-style hospitality And deep appreciation,

Making sushi Boldly,And delicately,Like dancing.


Commitment Making Sushi

Our desire is to create sushi that is perfectly balanced, like the Chinese character “一” (which means “1”).

That character looks like just a horizontal line, but it is difficult to write it beautifully; the process of how to begin, how to turn, and how to stop all matter.

Not only the taste itself but also the beauty at the sight and the movements in making sushi constitute the daintiness of our sushi. We make each one of our sushi in traditional Edomae-style, with our artistic craftsmanship and deep cordiality.

The trinity of three elements of sushi combines together: ingredients, vinegared rice and wasabi. We serve our sushi with careful consideration of the temperature, humidity and ripeness so that you can enjoy the perfect balance of the trinity when you put it in your mouth.


Commitment to the “Stage”

We would like all of our guests to fully enjoy their moment at our restaurant.

The interior of our restaurant is designed in a traditional and simplistic style so that our services with craftsmanship and appreciations will stand out at the counter as the “stage” All the woods used for our restaurant are of the finest, selected quality.

Our restaurant has dignified atmosphere starting from the “noren”(the Japanese entrance curtain) through the appearance of the ceiling.

We embrace and place great importance on creating comfortable space with refreshing

atmosphere as a sushi restaurant of Edomae-style, where you will enjoy our sushi as if you were watching a live dance performance at the “stage”